Hello Queens! Today I thought I'd share a bit more about what goes in to our jewellery, so you can rest assured that all of your Venu J pieces are of the utmost quality (and beauty, but perhaps we're ever-so-slightly biased!)

With every choice we take in our Venu J journey, we are always sure to find our Queens the highest quality pieces we can without letting you break the bank. That’s why we use ethically sourced and durable materials, such as Vermeil Gold (pronounced vehr-may, its French and just as classy as you’d think!) Our vermeil pieces have solid silver sterling bases and are coated with an 18ct gold finish. At 2.5 microns thick, our pieces look like solid gold to the naked eye and is a remarkable alternative for those of us looking to find a truly gold feel without feeling it in your purse!

Vermeil is essential for anyone looking for gold colour jewellery and wants something higher quality than other plated jewellery; the gold plating is thicker than other pieces, which means that it lasts far longer than anything else on the market. As our pieces are based in sterling silver, it is also far more tolerable to sensitive skin than regular gold-plated jewellery, making it perfect if you have allergies.


Take a look here at these gemstone necklaces, but a few of the stunning Gold Vermeil pieces we offer. These 18ct piece is perfect for adding a sense of sophistication and luxury to your look.



How long does Vermeil Gold last?

We stock 18ct gold vermeil so you can be sure your pieces aren’t susceptible to the scratching or damage that softer gold of lower purity typically is. The durability of vermeil gold depends on the thickness of the gold plating, the thicker the gold plating, the more withstanding it is – with our gold plating at 2.5 microns thick, you can be sure our pieces will last you at least a year until you may start to notice wear away. However, much of this can be attributed to the nature of wear in tear in jewellery, and, thankfully, can be prevented. With proper care your pieces will last you around four to six years.

 How can you care for Vermeil Gold pieces?

  • Swimming, showers, and sunbaths are best after you’ve slipped off all jewellery as these can affect the longevity of the gold plating. Make sure to steer clear of all chemicals to keep your pieces in tip-top shape.
  • Try to keep jewellery out of direct sunlight; extreme temperatures and exposure to UV rays can lead to fading.
  • Leave jewellery to the last step of your morning routines; any scents, make-up, hair sprays, and even moisturisers can alter the quality of your pieces. Its best to put them on last, they’ll reward you in how lasting they are!
  • When cleaning your pieces its best to use a soft, dry cotton or microfibre cloth to gently rub them down, this will also expertly get rid of any tarnish.
  • Steer clear of polish! With polishing agents or any abrasive compounds, you run the risk of damaging the layers of gold.

Is Gold Vermeil worth buying?

Here at Venu J, we love helping you find pieces that are best for you, with Vermeil Gold you can achieve the glamour that comes with solid gold, without paying the steep prices. You can rest assured knowing that we’ve found you the next best thing because we know that when you look and feel like a Queen, you can set out to be your best self!