A story by our founder Venu Jeyakumaran

If I tell you that Venu J Collection in all its simplicity is just an extension of me, I wouldn’t be bluffing. Perhaps it came to me as naturally as possible and came to be as natural as it could be.

I always had a flair for creativity and people alike. As a child, teen and an adult if one thing remained consistent, it was my spark for ideas and everything new. It was this glowing spark that seemingly allowed me to experiment and explore extensively. But all this took a stab when I joined the corporate world which I soon realised wasn’t built for me. Trying to find my mark in the world, I had lost myself somewhere between the 9 to 5. My spirit was largely subdued until I decided to make a life-changing decision, which would come to be this brand. I decided to start a small passion project, a journey to find myself. But on this journey, I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted to lift myself by uplifting other women around me too. I surely couldn’t be the only woman who had almost lost her spark right?

I went back to what I loved the most; being absolutely, truthfully creative. My spark turned towards the sparkle which had always enthralled me. I began to design jewellery. These designs were a reflection of me and I found love in the women around me. It was through their overwhelming love and support that Venu J Collection slowly took form. I had decided that I wanted Venu J to be a force of disruption in the fashion industry, for all the right reasons. This brand would celebrate and represent women of all shapes, sizes, colour, disabilities and every other beautiful narrative that has failed to be represent as beauty. We would aim to build a bond with our women which felt closer to friendship.

All our efforts till now have been concentrated on strengthening this bond with our women. One of the ways we do so is by giving them a platform for self-representation and listening to their awe-inspiring stories. Our big goal is to hold an interview series once a month with incredible women that deserve to be heard. To build any bond, trust becomes important and we do everything possible to maintain it. We have always believed in transparency. In this journey like any other, you get to witness both highs and lows and we are ever grateful for all your support especially during the lows.

It is our love for all of you which pushes us to be better and to do better every day. I enjoy going above and beyond for all of you in everything I do, be it physically organising meet-ups, or sending a simple thank you in an email.

This entire journey till now has been one of growth for all of us. It has helped me find love within myself and in my work enabling me to spread this message of self-love through everything that the brand does. It has helped in the growth of the community through creating awareness about inclusivity and fostering kindness towards all. Most importantly it has led to the growth and safekeeping of our environment through all our sustainable endeavours. Giving back to our people, our community and our Mother Earth is an intricate value that we hold close.

This is my story of the unbelievably beautiful journey I have undertaken till now. There is a long way forward to go from here. I am more than excited by every possibility that the future holds for us and look forward to this surreal experience.