Venu J has always been a brand that embraces differences. Our mission, from the beginning, has been to make you feel golden. We want to retell the story of beauty through a narrative that breaks the current unrealistic mould. Because we believe, beauty has no one size, shape, colour or ability.

Our Golden Girls

Meet the women who want to represent a beauty narrative they didn't have growing up


"The existence of Venu J is important to me because I wish to completely reinvent the idea of luxury & beauty. So long are the days of using unrealistic standards for women to be shamed into a purchase. We value our girls and full-heartedly believe that they deserve to be adorned with the finest gemstones to reflect how precious they are inside. We mean every girl. No matter the age, race, shape, or size."

- Venu Jeyakumaran, CEO

Our second love

Our company slogan is “perfectly natural, naturally perfect” and we believe this extends to our earth as well. It breaks our hearts that luxury insinuates the exploitation of our planet so we plan to work completely sustainably by the end of 2022.