The Venu J way.

How do we like our jewellery here at Venu J Collection? Ethically sourced, sustainable, expertly handcrafted and using only the finest and more durable materials. With limited edition pieces perfect for all of life’s moments make the world your catwalk with our timeless fine jewellery.

A little note from our director Venu:

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to do nothing more than to paint, dance and just create beautiful things. As a woman of colour today, I know this was never an easy journey. In 2018, I discovered something so incredible; to create beautiful jewellery and hunt the most extraordinary gemstones from all over.

Venu J collections, to me, is more than a business, it is my dream personified, it is a reflection of my individuality and creativity and that is why here at Venu J collections we aim to create a experience that truly raises our women while honouring Mother Nature herself.


Materials + Care.

We only use durable and high quality materials! That’s a promise. Every Venu J Collection piece is created and curated with luxury in mind and we use materials that reflect this. 


Who do we work with? 

In a world where fast fashion dominates, we are committed to intentional, sustainable production and therefore work with suppliers who share our ethos. Our limited edition pieces are made in a quantity that honours the time and love it takes to create fine jewellery, to ensure that we deliver the best quality. We work with talented artisans from Jaipur, India who have a strong supply chain of gemstones and a reputation to match. All of the gemstones used across our range are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified.