Holy, Mother! Our top 5 jewellery pieces for Mother’s Day

Mothers, for those here and absent. For those who birth us, or stand in as mothers, for those who shape us into the bosses that we are; this day is for them. What better way to shower yours with a timeless piece from our Venu J Collection? From rings to necklaces, bangles to earrings here are our top 5 jewellery pieces for Mother’s Day 

1. The Amazonite Oval Pendant

Are we allowed to have favourite pieces? Because this 18K Vermeil Gold Amazonite pendant is absolutely mine. A modern yet simple style is the standout feature for this piece that will tie any look together. Whether it’s a date with her partner, a board meeting or a brunch with friends your mum is set for any occasion. As strong as your bond with your mother, the Amazonite has been around forever, and legend has it – this was the stone that lined the shields of the mythical Amazonian warrior princesses. 

We couldn't think of a better piece to tie together the love and future that you both share.


2. The Lapis Sundial Pendant


They say blue is the colour of happiness, peace, serenity and all the good things. Our modern Lapis Sundial Pendant with the perfect Blue Stone is perfect for a woman who brings you just that. Let her know how happy she makes your life, with this ethically sourced forever piece and watch her sparkle. What is it that Audrey Hepburn says? Happy girls are the prettiest girls.


3. Mini Crescent Moon Necklace

Like the moon lighting the path for humans for centuries, strong, dependent and with the power to shift tides your mum is special. This 18K Mini Gold Crescent Moon Necklace with White Topaz Stone is special too so it feels like a no-brainer gift for this holiday. Ethically sourced and wonderful, your mother will exude the joy that she’s bought to you your whole life.


4. Gold Herringbone Choker

Your mother is a Queen and she deserves a throne. Whether that throne is the middle of the dance floor or the top of the table in the Boardroom, gift her something that lets her showcase her royalty with this classic Herringbone Choker. Handcrafted with care and ethically sourced to perfection, this perfect piece will ensure your mother is the belle of the ball.


5. Gold Paperclip Chain Bracelet

This stunning 18K Gold paperclip chain bracelet has ‘mother’ written ALL over it. With an interlocking design symbolising infinity, your mum can literally wear her heart on her sleeve with this minimal, ethically sourced wonder. Picture her face lighting up as she opens it and get one up on your siblings forever.