What's my birthstone and what does it mean?

Birthstones are exciting and interesting to get to know. Stones are known to hold certain energies and have a personality of their own. They can also reflect the wearer’s personality and can bring in different energies to life. A birthstone is a special stone that corresponds to a particular horoscope or month. There are endless myths and beliefs surrounding birthstones so it can be fun getting to know yours!



The birthstone for this month is Garnet. The deep red variety of garnet is associated with January although they can be available in other shades too. This stone signifies friendship, trust and is known to protect people during their travels. This stone dates back to ancient Egypt and its hardness makes it perfect for daily wear.


The month of love has amethyst as its stone. Amethyst was a very popular gemstone among royalty and is believed to provide strength to relationships. It is also considered a serene stone and can be found in various shades of purple, violet and lavender.



This month has the unique stone Aquamarine as its birthstone. This durable stone was known to have healing powers especially for heart, liver and stomach. Today it stands for hope, love and youth. It ranges from different shades of blue and green and has a clear, transparent quality.


The classic diamond finds itself this month. This dazzling stone is the hardest known material and has long symbolised the emotion of love, the institution of marriage and unbridled courage.


The green beauty, emerald is the stone for the month of May. Throughout history it has been seen as a symbol of rebirth, making it a special stone. This was also said to be Cleopetra’s favourite. It also symbolises fertility, health and faithfulness. This stone forms some exquisite pieces of jewellery.



This month sees the entry of some fresh, delicate stones. It has not one but three different gemstones in recent years. Pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone are the birthstones for June. Pearl being the traditional stone, Alexandrite the modern addition and Moonstone popular in the Scandinavian countries. Alexandrite stands for heightened intuition and pleasure.



The powerful red Ruby is the stone for July. In olden days, it was worn as a protection against any evil. This enigmatic stone has several meanings and symbolisms. It is associated with love, wealth, passion and peace.


The refreshing stone Peridot finds itself this month. The colours of this stone range from brown to yellow- green. Lime green is the most popular variety of this stone. Traditionally it symbolised strength and was worn to ward off evil.


Fight the blues with the gorgeous stone of Blue Sapphire this month. This stone holds great value and can give unparalleled elegance to any jewellery. They have a history of rich folklore associated with them. Historically they were worn by Royals and the clergy. They were believed to protect one’s family. Sapphires also symbolise heaven, wisdom, faith and purity.


Opals are the traditional October birthstone and Tourmaline is the modern addition. Their vivid colours and their own grading system make opals a very unique stone. When it comes to symbolic associations, its meanings are as divergent as possible but it all comes down to what you want to believe in.


Bathe in sunshine with the beautiful yellow stones, Topaz and Citrine. The calming energy of Topaz takes up this month. A stone of love and affection, historically the golden Topaz was believed to attract wealth and protect the health of body and mind.


Everything Blue is the essence of December birthstones. Traditionally Turquoise formed this month’s stone but today you can select from the blue varieties of tanzanite, Topaz, Zircon. You can choose the stone that you feel resonates with you the most.

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Birthstone jewellery can be found in rings, pendants, bracelets and make a for thoughtful gift for anyone. You can buy yourself an elegant birthstone jewellery if you resonate with the stone and believe that it reflects your energies as well. You can find some of your birthstones at Venu J too, elegantly designed to form gorgeous pieces of jewellery.