Valentine's Day 2023: The Sweetheart Collection

We all love a thoughtful man. In fact, we expect nothing less (Princess behaviour). So when Nimral emailed in professing his undying love for his girlfriend of 4 years, we knew he was a keeper.

Nimral has had his eyes on our Ruby Quartz ring to gift for Valentine's day but no, that just wasn't enough to cut it. So he emailed in asking us if we can commission a custom matching Ruby Quartz necklace.


I mean, how could we refuse?

Inspired by his love, we wanted to give men everywhere the beautiful opportunity to do the same, so we are introducing the Sweetheart Collection for Valentine's day. It's time to make those vday gifts a little bit more special. Boys, it's your time to shine!

They will be available in limited quantity in line with our sustainability practices to PRE ORDER now

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