The DL on September's Birthstone

The September birthstone is Blue Sapphire, the stone of royalty and romance. It has a rich history tied to it and comes from the Greek word sappheiros. The most popular variety of Sapphire is the deep blue sapphire which was often adorned by kings and the nobility once upon a time. It reflects the colour of the sky and the beginning of a life. It brings around itself a sense of calm and harmony. This stone not only has a rich history but is also believed to benefit all facets of life.

History and symbolism

Blue sapphire was commonly adorned by the clergy and decorated on their robes for many centuries. In the Greek and Roman civilisations, the elite strongly believed that the stone would protect them from any harm or envy. The Ancient Persians held the opinion that the earth rested on a giant sapphire which was also the reason for the sky being blue. The stone symbolised heaven for the Clerics of the Middle ages. Sapphire was also believed to have healing powers that could cure plague boils and eye diseases. The most famous Sapphire in recent times is the 18 CT blue gem surrounded by diamonds given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles and now worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Health and healing

It is a popular crystal for reiki healers because it is effective in channeling healing powers from a higher source of energy. It is believed to eliminate toxins and cleanse energies in the organs. It is known to promote good sleep, better eyesight and is helpful when it comes to ear infections.


This stone helps in achieving higher principles and better judgement. It increases the wisdom to make the right decisions. This encourages people to become honest leaders. It is known to be a good crystal for entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

 Love and relationship

Sapphire is the stone of relationships and commitment. It strengthens love and bond in a relationship. It builds balance and brings happiness to relationships. It can help with letting go off the past and moving ahead.

An alternative September birthstone

We at Venu J love an alternative gemstone for our birthday month. So here is our beloved Lapis Lazuli that you can adorn if Sapphires aren't calling to you. We believe the Lapis has encapsulated the galaxy, a truly special gem. Wondering what we mean? With its deep midnight blue, topped with iridescent golden speckles, it is nothing short of magic. 

Want a little bit of the Lapis energy? This beauty is used to help those meditating connect more deeply with their inner self. The perfect way to connect with our self and develop emotional awareness.