Green Onyx Meaning and Who Should Wear It

Green onyx, a vibrant green gemstone belongs to the onyx family. Let's get into the juicy parts that you really want to know about

This green gemstone promotes growth and patience and is known to have healing properties as it is a variety of the gem Chalcedony.

Green onyx is popularly used in crystal therapy to aid those looking for good health, self love and helping them find a purpose in life

The green onyx holds the power to combine the body and mind into one and this helps with meditation and allows you to truly hone in that focus.

Green onyx Gemstone Necklace

To connect with the spiritual meaning of this stone, you can wear the stone on you at all times to experience its energy. Alternatively, if you enjoy its energy boosts and want to wear it occasionally, this is an option too.

A bonus, the green onyx gemstone wards of the evil eye and its negative energy. Keeping you safe from negativity and curses.

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